• Get Up Nation® Brand Ambassadors

    Renee Parks

    Cancer Survivor, Brain Tumor Survivor, and Fitness Athlete

    Renee personifies Get Up Nation®! She is a cancer survivor and a brain tumor survivor who continually demonstrates resilience and perseverance. She was guest #3 on the show! Just before brain surgery this year, she completed the Million Meter Rowing Challenge! She describes her commitment to fitness: "It's about discovering the tools and resources to become a better me, a healthier me, a stronger me, and meeting great people along the way that share the same mindset." Follow her on Instagram @resilient.renee!

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    Tiffany Annette Young

    Pediatric Cancer Survivor, Domestic Violence Survivor

    Tiffany has endured tremendous adversity in her life from pediatric cancer to domestic violence. She has committed herself to creating a world of civility and empathy and serves in numerous capacities to make this a reality each day! We are honored Tiffany serves as a Get Up Nation® Brand Ambassador! She was guest 53 on the show!