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Get Up Nation Overcoming Agenda Trenches

Hello, I am Ben Biddick the host of the Get Up Nation Podcast and the co-author of Get Up: The Art of Perseverance with Adam Greenberg. I’m taking this opportunity to ensure that you understand what Get Up Nation is. What I mean by being locked in and tenacious about creating our finest lives regardless of the opposition is not some entrepreneurial hustle to clicks, likes, and financial wealth. If that’s what you’re after, there’s plenty of opportunities for you to go do something that earns you a luxury car.


This is a different space. This is a place for real human beings who know that their finest life involves sacrifice, pain, discipline, hope, passion, creativity, innovation, solidarity, cohesion, faith, and empowerment. This is a place where we are vulnerable, passionate, and supportive. This is a place where agenda trenches don’t stand.


Real solutions happen when our agenda is respect and reasonableness and nothing more. Real people with real passion don’t wait around for someone else to do it. We do it. We get it done. Egotism slaughters progress. Humility creates practical progress. It doesn’t need a pat on the back to keep going. The acts are service and not a front for pride. It sees suffering and attacks the source of it without fear and without hesitation. Get Up Nation is about getting out of our agenda trenches and meeting face to face with human beings just like us, crying out for a better today, creating a better tomorrow.


That’s why Get Up Nation is tenacious and locked in. Because it’s unimpeded by categories that imprison us through isolation, greed, egotism, selfishness, and convenience. It recognizes that every day is a gift and every moment demands empathy, thankfulness, humility, and action that builds up one another. It is free. It is now. It is Get Up Nation. Join us.