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Get Up Nation Veteran's Day Blog Post

Veteran's Day 2017

Get Up Nation: On this Veteran’s Day, it is the truth that there are men and women every day and night serving in our volunteer military telling each one of us, by their commitment and actions, that all of our lives have value and meaning. Sometimes we can’t find it within ourselves to value ourselves. If you don’t have a strong support network of family and friends and question your worth, always know that somewhere out there are men and women operating, training, sweating, and bleeding in any and every environment to provide us with the security we need to make our lives extraordinary. That begins with you knowing that you have value. Their sacrifice deserves you valuing yourself. Get up and get after it this Veteran’s Day. No excuses. Make it count. Make this the best day you’ve ever lived because of the many who died to give it to you. Use the freedom they’ve given you to make your unique and tremendous contribution to the world. We need you. All of you.