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Get Up Nation Podcast Episode 3 Guest: Renee Parks, Cancer Survivor

On November 15, 2017 I had the absolute honor and privilege of speaking with Renee Parks who is known on Instagram as Resilient Renee. Renee took precious time out of her schedule to meet me @ Foremost Crossfit in Madison, Wisconsin. James & Kd Eiseley, the owners of the gym, welcomed us there so that I could help Renee document her battle against cancer. On November 15, she had 32 more days of chemotherapy to go. During the chemotherapy treatments, Renee has dedicated herself to doing 5-10 minutes of exercise every day and posting her journey on Instagram. She writes on her Instagram account that her passion to keep moving is greater than her fear that she cannot. She is an absolute warrior who fought through fatigue and chemotherapy symptoms to document her journey on the Get Up Nation Podcast. During a charity event in her honor involving Foremost Crossfit and Bullet Point Competitions she discovered that her perseverance to exercise each day in defiance of cancer and chemotherapy symptoms served as powerful inspiration for others. Here, she offers her life and her commitment to fitness, as inspiration to all of us to keep fighting, to make the most of each moment, and value what’s truly important. Please follow her on Instagram, send her encouragement, and tell her how she is positively impacting you as you face your challenges.




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