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Get Up Nation - The Celebration

"And that’s exactly what Get Up Nation is…that’s what Great Waters Media is…this is a movement. We are immersed in massive levels of dysfunction and negativity. People have a sense of powerlessness in their lives and current discourse is largely barking I believe this I believe that at each other instead of realizing the power of our connections and identity. Get Up Nation is about gaining a fearless perspective. It reverse engineers getting to a place of gratitude, unprecendented achievement, and levels of respect for human life that don’t categorize the gift into race, gender, physical ability, citizenship, age, economic status, or how we’ve always done it. This is about the power of saying to one another, you are miraculous just for being here. Let’s celebrate that. Let’s celebrate you and the amazing person you are. Let’s shed self-sabotage and defeat. Let’s make the most of every moment."

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