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Get Up Nation Podcast Episode 20 Guest: Judy Hoberman, TedxSpeaker, Author, Sales Trainer, Consultant, Coach

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Guest: Judy Hoberman,

What up, Get Up Nation? My name is Ben Biddick, the Host of the Get Up Nation Podcast and Co-Author of Get Up: The Art of Perseverance with former Major League Baseball Player and CEO of Lurong Living, Adam Greenberg. Recently, I had the honor and privilege of speaking with Judy Hoberman. I’m very excited about today’s episode. Judy is a true example of a person whose resilience, perseverance, and commitment to valuing her whole self allowed her to conquer massive barriers to success. At the age of 17, her own father told her that “all she was was pretty, and she would never amount to anything else.” She repeatedly refused to allow her intelligence to be suppressed and pursued her passion for business.

Early in her career she was employed by a roofing company. She was told to be the face of company and not to speak in order to be successful. If she would’ve obeyed these voices, the world would never have benefited from the brilliance of her many books including “Selling in a Skirt,” “Famous Isn’t Enough,” “Pure Wealth,” and most recently “Walking on the Glass Floor: Seven Essential Qualities of Women Who Lead.” These business books for sales executives and entrepreneurs have been featured on Fox News Radio, CNN Headlines, ABC, CBS, and Good Morning Texas. If she would’ve allowed these stifling voices to silence her own, the world would never have heard her TED Talk called “The Greatest Missed Opportunity” or listened to her radio show called “Selling in a Skirt” which airs on Mondays at 12PM Central Time on the Women for Women Radio Network. Her commitment to valuing herself and the entirety of her potential has led to the world valuing intensely her skills, knowledge, and insights. A gender expert, Judy is quoted as saying, “Women want to be treated equally, not identically.” She daily creates a world where people value people and intentionally transcend limiting and inaccurate assumptions about one another. Her perseverance and excellence has earned one of the most vital and important attributes any of us can possess, the respect of others. Judy, thank you for joining me on the Get Up Nation Podcast!

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