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Your Family, A Citadel

Get Up Nation® how are you making your family a citadel? How are you making your family an impenetrable wall that shields your children from cruelty, violence, and exploitation, while building their resilience, intelligence, and confidence? How are you avoiding destructive societal traps and plowing down the ideas, concepts, and messages that tell your sons and daughters they are less than what they are, that make false promises, and attempt to distract them from the greatness within them?

How are you feeding and watering their sense of personal value and the value of human life?

How are you infusing a respect for the earth that gives us life and constantly invites us into awe?

How are you recognizing your children’s need to value themselves just as much as others?

How are you creating a wellspring in the hearts of your children that flows and pools with confidence, respect, and engagement in the process of living?

How are you helping you and yours develop an ability to prevent the anxiety that comes from living in a future that isn’t here yet, preventing the traps of guilt, shame, and depression that come from living in a past that is already gone….taking flight in the present moment where we constantly breathe and abide?

When confronted by those closest to you about thoughts and behaviors they dislike about you…that disappoint or frustrate…do you exact self-scrutiny before responding? Or do you react immediately with defense, accusation, distraction, or absence?

How are you building and demonstrating your loyalty to the family of people who embody in actuality the place where the most sacred depths of relationship and connection occur? Do you see the budding trust that forms, and do you bow at its sacred feet as it creates the unity that soothes isolation, fear, and anger? Do you forge its flourishing with honesty and transparency?

How are you listening to your spouse, supporting them in practical ways, expressing your admiration for them, and taking actions that show them and the world how much you value their presence in your life…in a way that braids your lives together and weaves the blanket that warms your entire reality…

Get Up Nation® how are you making your family a citadel?