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Get Up Nation®! My name is Ben Biddick. I’m the Creator and Host of the Get Up Nation® Show and Co-Author of Get Up: The Art of Perseverance. Recently I had the honor and privilege of speaking with Dr. Elia Gourgouris and Kon Apostolopoulos who co-wrote 7 Keys to Navigating a Crisis: A Practical Guide to Emotionally Dealing with Pandemics & Other Disasters. The book provides powerful yet practical insights to help minimize the negative impact of pandemics, natural disasters, financial meltdowns, or any other major disruptions in our lives. Dr. Gourgouris also authored the #1 Amazon’s Best Selling book 7 Paths to Lasting Happiness which was created to help people sustain a fulfilling and joyful life. Honored and grateful Dr. Gourgouris and Kon Apostolopoulos have taken some time to share their brilliance with Get Up Nation® in between their appointments with C-Suite leaders and their teams, helping them achieve their highest potential and creating empowering cultures of accountability, productivity, and happiness. Thank you for joining me on the Get Up Nation® Show!

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