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Get Up Nation® Show Episode 113 Guest: Trevor Blake,

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Get Up Nation®! My name is Ben Biddick. I’m the Creator and Host of the Get Up Nation® Show and Co-Author of Get Up: The Art of Perseverance with former Major League Baseball Adam Greenberg. Recently I had the honor and privilege of speaking with Trevor Blake. He’s the author of the new book published by New World Library called Secrets to a Successful Startup: A Recession Proof Guide to Starting, Surviving, and Thriving in Your Own Venture. He’s also the author of the New York Times Best Seller Three Simple Steps. He’s built 3 successful startups and sold them for more than $300 million. In light of everything that’s been happening with regard to the Corona Virus, this is a timely conversation for those who want to have a resilient business that thrives in a volatile world. Get Up Nation® join me in welcoming Trevor Blake to the Get Up Nation® Show!

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