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Get Up Nation® Podcast Episode 85 Guest: Mixed Martial Arts Warrior Nikolas "Iron" Motta

Get Up Nation®! My name is Ben Biddick. I’m the Creator and Host of the Get Up Nation® Show which serves individuals, organizations, and societies to develop and sustain resilience and perseverance. I’m the Co-Author of the Best Selling book Get Up: The Art of Perseverance with former Major League Baseball player Adam Greenberg whose profound journey of resilience created one of the most unique and inspiring narratives in the history of Major League Baseball.

Recently I had the honor and privilege of speaking with a Mixed Martial Arts warrior named Nikolas "Iron" Motta who also has a history of resilience. His fighting skills were highlighted on The Ultimate Fighter Brazil Televison Show. On November 16, 2019 Nikolas will enter the arena again to fight in Atlantic City. Thank you Paul Guarino of PG Sports who connected me with Nikolas who shares his insights into fighting, overcoming challenges, and persevering through adversity. Nikolas, thank you for joining me on the Get Up Nation® show!

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