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Get Up Nation® Podcast Episode 78 Guest: Daniel Linares,

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Get Up Nation®! My name is Ben Biddick, the Creator and Host of the Get Up Nation® Show and Co-Author of Get Up: The Art of Perseverance with former Major League Baseball player Adam Greenberg. Recently I spoke with Daniel Linares who knows the value of going above and beyond for his clients. Daniel is a curator of luxury events, providing unforgettable experiences for the most discerning clientele. Based in New York City, he travels the world experiencing cultures on a grass roots level which helps Daniel develop a multi-faceted design perspective and creative vision for the events he creates. A graduate of the Frank Sinatra School of Performing Arts, Daniel goes beyond simply entertaining his guests. He engages them with his background in marketing, branding, technology, and music, forming a relationship with his client until he understands how to tailor their event to each client’s unique values, interests, and perspective. When we face adversity in our lives, the good memories we carry within us help us move forward, let go, and persevere through difficulty. I look forward to sharing Daniel’s journey with Get Up Nation® to learn how he creates events that inspire people with how good life can be when we pay attention to the littlest of details. Thank you Sharon Foulke for connecting me with Daniel, and Daniel welcome to the show!