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Get Up Nation Podcast Episode 5 Guest: Ryan Moody,,

What up Get Up Nation? This is Ben Biddick, your host of the Get Up Nation Podcast, and Co-author of Get Up The Art of Perseverance with Adam Greenberg. Welcome to Episode 5! I was honored to be joined by Ryan Moody for this episode. Ryan has lived in a state of near constant pain since a life-altering bike accident at the age of 8. He spent most of his young adult life searching for methods to help him overcome his pain while relentlessly pursuing his dreams and goals. Medical personnel have said they don’t understand how he “is even moving, let alone doing all the incredible things he does.” Ryan has overcome debilitating injuries, life-threatening infections, broken limbs, multiple concussions, double knee surgery, and even partial loss and impairment of voluntary movement. Doctors on 3 occasions have told him he would never walk, run, or engage in sports again. He holds 9 Box Jump World Records, is a subject matter expert on Explosive Physical Training, is a graduate of Boise State University and the University of Utah, earned degrees in Exercise Sports Nutrition, is a public speaker, a virtual coach, author of the book Rise Above and multiple articles for nationally publicized magazines. He’s also the creator of the explosive work out of the day also known as, a program dedicated to furthering people’s ability to build and produce incredibly explosive power and speed. Ryan shared how he has taken his broken body during dark nights of the soul and used his mind to rise above his injuries.

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