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Get Up Nation Podcast Episode 42 Guest: Charles Hunt,

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What up, Get Up Nation? My name is Ben Biddick, the Host of the Get Up Nation Podcast and Co-Author of Get Up: The Art of Perseverance with former Major League Baseball player and CEO of Lurong Living, Adam Greenberg. Welcome to Episode 42! Recently I had the honor and privilege of speaking with Charles Hunt. As a child Charles experienced some of the most traumatic events children can experience. Through these experiences he developed a depth of understanding about resilience and now empowers others to face their adversity with his approaches and insights. Charles is a resilience expert, adjunct professor, and speaker. He often speaks about how resilience is a critical component of happiness, success, and overcoming obstacles. He’s the founder of The Audacity Firm (, an organization of people who pride themselves “on delivering results and being a solution,” building “unbreakable spirits,” and “developing growth and resilience for their clients.” Charles is a phenomenal example of resilience as he details in his legendary Ted Talk ( called “What Trauma Taught Me About Resilience.” I’m honored he took time out of his schedule to join me on the Get Up Nation Podcast!

Music: "Awaken" by Ethan Rank and “Things We Wouldn’t Say” by Michael FK

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