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Get Up Nation Podcast Episode 39 Guest: Rudy Reyes,

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What up, Get Up Nation? My name is Ben Biddick, the Host of the Get Up Nation Podcast and Co-Author of Get Up: The Art of Perseverance with former Major League Baseball player and CEO of Lurong Living, Adam Greenberg. Recently I had the immense honor and privilege of speaking with Rudy Reyes. Rudy is one of America’s most elite and resilient Special Operations warriors who served as a Recon Marine during the Global War on Terror. Born into extreme poverty, Rudy shares how he defended and protected his brothers from gang influences and the cruelty, death, and violence of the streets during the crack cocaine epidemic in the 1980’s. He shares how his desire to serve the unseen and unheard resulted in his decision to serve in the Marine Corps after seeing how American service members were helping orphans during the Kosovo War. After facing numerous internal challenges which resulted from surviving multiple combat deployments, Rudy now supports veterans in crisis with his Recon Sniper Foundation and works with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the finest marine scientists, and veteran combat divers to save and restore coral reefs at Force Blue Team. I am honored to share this 39th podcast episode with Get Up Nation, where we learn how a person who has endured the most violent and brutal realities in this world helps to heal our oceans, our earth, and ultimately, each other.

Music: "Awaken" by Ethan Rank and “Lana Inspired” by Stanley Gurvich

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