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Get Up Nation Podcast Episode 28 Guest: Ben Baker,

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What up, Get Up Nation? Recently, I had the honor and privilege of speaking with Ben Baker from Richmond, British Columbia in Canada. Ben’s company assists clients with creating a resilient Living brand in order to engage the client audience and get the client noticed. Some of the ways serves clients is personal brand development, helping clients understand their brand so they can communicate it more effectively internally and externally, auditing brands and communication so that all assets are saying the same thing in the same way in order to communicate value effectively, and assessing corporate brands to provide an understanding if a brand shift is needed. If your company does 5 to 40 million dollars in the business to business arena but can’t justify the costs of a full time Chief Marketing Officer,, can become your part-time Chief Marketing Officer. If your marketing budget is $100,000 or more, Ben can set up a free one hour consultation to discuss designing a program that specifically addresses your needs at

I’ve been looking forward to speaking with Ben about his company, his new book Powerful Personal Brands: A Hands On Guide to Understanding Yours, and why he does what he does. Ben, welcome to the Get Up Nation Podcast!

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