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Get Up Nation Podcast Episode 13 Guest: Doc Todd, Combat Veteran and Musician

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Guest: Doc Todd, Combat Veteran, Musician

What up, Get Up Nation! My name is Ben Biddick, the Host of The Get Up Nation Podcast and the Co-Author of Get Up: The Art of Perseverance with former Major League Baseball player and CEO of, Adam Greenberg. Episode 13 features combat veteran and musician Doc Todd. His recent album called “Combat Medicine” is dedicated to “personal healing and restoration.” On his website at, he describes how the album is “intended to give veterans a voice and inform everyday Americans about the real struggles facing our former service members as they transition into their civilian lives.” He seeks to “directly impact the veteran suicide, mental health, and personal transition spaces.” His effort has not gone unnoticed as CNN, the VA, National Public Radio, and numerous local news affiliates regularly ask him to speak, perform, and contribute to the national dialogue about mental health and related services for veterans. During this Episode of the Get Up Nation Podcast, he shares his insights into his battle with addiction, his experiences coping with the effects of combat as a corpsman deployed to Afghanistan during the Global War on Terror, mental health challenges veterans face, perceived gaps in the military healthcare and VA systems, and personal accountability when it comes to mental health and medical healthcare following military service. Join me in welcoming, Doc Todd.

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Music from and the album “Combat Medicine” by Doc Todd

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