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What do you see when you look at the image of this mountain?


Do you see a dark, foreboding, massive rock with jagged edges about to be pounded by storms unleashed by the churning clouds above? Do you see potential serious injuries, falls, hypothermia, fatigue, lightning strikes, threats from wild animals, and equipment failures?


Or do you see the potential here for one of the most electrifying views you’ve ever seen with your own two eyes? Do you see yourself tasting the finest cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted in a mug of melted snow crust brewed over a fire that burns at 14,000 feet? Do you see days and nights of camaraderie as you and your spouse, friend, or child work together to reach that epic height? Do you see yourself pushing through sore muscles and thin oxygen to reach the peak? Are you half way into your plan of how you‘ll safely achieve that height after scanning this image for just a few seconds? If so, you may want to become of member of Get Up Nation.


I think of how much gratitude the journey would generate as I remembered the struggle. I think of how thankful I would become for simple things like oxygen and warmth.


These are some of the things I see when I look at this mountain. Get Up Nation, what do you see? Comment and subscribe below!



Ben Biddick, Host of the Get Up Nation Podcast